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Who we are?

“We are volunteer-driven organisation, providing a platform to help everyone at any form."
"We are focused to help, motivate & guide youngsters especially in the field of education for the bettterment & success”

Statutory Details

Registered Name: TEAM 2020 HELPERS
Trust Registration No: IV-0206-00151/2020
Registering Authority: Additional District Sub-Registrar, Durgapur, West Bengal
NITI Aayog Unique ID: WB/2021/0272198
PAN Number: AADTT9478N

Our Motive


We are more focused in shaping the student’s community by helping them get technical education


“At the time of independence, there were a total of 20 Universities and 500 Colleges. At present (till 2020), there are a total of 1018 Universities and 25951 recognised Colleges in our country. According to a report by UNESCO, even today, India has 47 million youth of secondary and higher secondary school-going age dropping out of school.”

This wide decrement is caused due to financial issues and also lack of awareness about how to find a good college with minimal fee structure.

We help students by:

  • Organising vocational courses with skilled educators we make the students updated with technology.
  • Counselling students in taking technical course and to choose best institution.
  • Providing financial support and scholarships to needy ones.


 We understand entrepreneurship is necessary for economic development but less practiced


“Potential for growth and economic impact is what truly defines an entrepreneurial business. Startups have emerged as engines of growth for our economy these days. According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), only 3.2 per cent adults are 'nascent entrepreneurs' (actively involved in setting up a business).”

This is caused due to lack of support, confidence and understanding of saturated Indian market.

We help entrepreneurs by:

  • Introducing entrepreneurship as a specialized stream in education and integrate it.
  • Clarifying strategic priorities, opportunities and challenges to validate and refine entrepreneurial strategy.
  • Promoting the development of early-stage financing and support schemes for young entrepreneurs


  • Green Living: Educating the society about importance of nature and encouraging them switch to bio-degradable products
  • Donating for Talent: Providing Scholarships to finacially weak - Intelligent minds for pursuing their studies
  • Every Help: Helping the society by creating awareness among public of important things, conducting campaigns, etc. Our activities are not only limited to this, It is vast than you imagine...


Karthikeyan N


Nilofar Khatoon


Prakash S

Joint Treasurer

Munez Arfath

Joint Secretary

Felix Britto

Team Manager