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Categories for Internship

  1. Campus Ambassador Program
  2. Social Media Marketing Intern
  3. Junior Event Managing Intern
  4. Content Creator / Blog Handling Intern
  5. Junior Web Developer / Website Handling Intern
  6. Project Assistant Intern
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Categories for training programs

  1. Aero-modeling and Drone Design and fabrication.
  2. Entrepreneurship Development Training
  3. Engineering Software Training (Auto CAD, CATIA, ANSYS etc)
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Categories for Research Projects

  1. Aircraft and Space Propulsion System integration
  2. Advanced Material Fabrication and Development
  3. Efficient Vehicle Design & Analysis
  4. Aerodynamic Component Design and Analysis
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Application Procedure

  1. Fill the application form
  2. Wait for the confirmation mail
  3. Attend interview with our experts
  4. Issue of topic and batch details
  5. Commencement of program